Build Your Own Buddha Bowl with Zinello Flatware

Fast & simple tricks for building your own Buddha Bowl brought to you by Zinello Flatware.
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Buddha Bowls are an easy, nutritious meal that present beautifully for entertaining or enjoying with your family. Serving Buddha Bowls is a great option for entertaining or for larger families because they look so appealing (especially when paired with Zinello’s Firenze Flatware) and are customizable for any dietary restrictions!

They typically consist of 5-6 customizable ingredients:

  1. Rice or whole grains
  2. Protein (we love going for plant-based protein!)
  3. Fresh or roasted vegetables
  4. Greens
  5. Dressing and garnish of choice
  6. Enjoy!

Choose Your Base

Most Buddha Bowls typically are served with rice or quinoa as a base. You can go for whole grain brown rice, spicy Mexican rice, or anything in between! If you’re off carbs or just want to make a lighter meal option – you can absolutely opt out of the whole grains altogether. We will just sub in extra greens for a salad bowl when feeling a little less hungry!

Protein, Protein, Protein!

Protein is the star of any meal of course, so why would a Buddha Bowl be any different? Here you can opt for traditional source of protein like grilled chicken if that’s your style. However, Buddha Bowls are a great opportunity to try vegan or veggie sources of protein! Spice up your bowl by opting for tofu, tempeh, seitan, or a plant-based meat alternative like Beyond Beef. We like to double up our protein sources by adding beans or legumes to really give our bowls a boost.

It’s Veggie Time

This is often the point you can really get your creative juices flowing. Keep it simple – what are your favorite veggies? Cut those up and toss them in your bowl! You can choose a warm bowl by grilling your veggies or keep it cool by adding diced raw vegetables like cucumber, zucchini, avocado, carrots and tomato!

You can find a delicious Vegan Spicy Oaxacan Bowl for inspiration here! Pair this with our colorful Roma Flatware set to really set the tone for dinner!

Go Green

It’s time to go green! We love to finely slice up romaine lettuce for a fresh crunch to your bowl, or amp up the fiber with baby spinach. There are plenty of options here so just go with what type of leafy greens you like best. You can even sub in for kale – if that’s your style!

Dress It Up & Go!

Lastly, choose a sauce or dressing that you love to bring all of your ingredients together and drizzle on top! We absolutely love to create a theme when crafting our Buddha Bowls, and here you can find our go-to favorite Carrot Ginger Dressing recipe for when we go for an Asian themed bowl! Top your bowl with nuts and seeds of your choice – sunflower or sesame seeds are great options!

Presentation is Key

When putting together your Buddha Bowl, don’t forget to choose a large bowl so you can keep each ingredient separate. Choose a colorful rainbow of ingredients for maximum nutrition & beauty. Don’t forget to serve your guests with your favorite Zinello Flatware & enjoy with friends!

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