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Easy Steps to Clean Your Flatware

Taking care of flatware

When it comes to flatware, some metals require more care than others. Sterling silver and silver plate tarnish, whereas vermeil, gold electroplate, stainless steel, and pewter are comparatively easy to care for. But it is highly recommended to use certain steps in making sure your beautiful flatware lasts. Therefore there are some easy steps to take care of your flatware.

Reasons your Stainless Steel Rusts

  • Leaving dried food on the surface of the forks, spoons and knives;
  • Letting water sit on the surface of flatware (dishwasher dry cycle or air drying);
  • Contact with other types of metal or steel;
  • Collisions with something hard;
  • Using steel wool, wire brushes, or other abrasive cleaning products on the stainless steel surface;
  • Prolonged exposure to acidic foods (tomatoes or vinegar); and
  • Hard water;
  • Soaking flatware in water.

If you’re already in a situation where you have to deal with cleaning your stainless steel flatware therefore you might want to check out this video.

Sterling Silver

Wash sterling silver in hot, sudsy water, followed by a hot rinse and hand drying. Sterling silver is a soft metal, softened further when subjected to the heat of the dishwasher drying cycle, and hand-washing is recommended. Moreover, the motion of the dishwasher subjects the soft metal to scratches and dents, and when left to steam-dry, the water spots leave marks that etch the surface.

Never soak knife blades above cuff level in hot water. The knife blade is made with a tang, a metal point that projects from the blade where it is inserted into the handle. So follow these methods and take care of your favorite flatware.

Stainless Steel

modern design with a touch of minimalism Stainless Steel Flatware set Verona
Verona Flatware Set

Stainless steel is a hard metal that does not rust, stains less than other metals, retains a high luster, and offers carefree maintenance in a dishwasher.
Since Zinello Design flatware is 18/10 stainless steel we recommend following these steps to maintain the best condition of your flatware:

  1. It is recommended to wash your cutlery in hot water with mild detergent before first use. There may be contaminants on your cutlery from the production or packaging process.
  2. Always dry your utensils carefully with a soft, lint-free cloth. Leaving the utensils to dry on their own may result in excess water or soap leaving marks.
  3. Do not soak stainless steel flatware in water overnight or for a prolonged time. This can loosen handles.
  4. Always rinse utensils contaminated by foods with high salt content such as butter as soon as possible.
  5. Always keep the knives separated when washing and keep their blades facing down. This is for safety reasons.
  6. Stubborn streaks can be removed with the help of olive oil. Dampen a soft cloth with a bit of olive oil and gently rub the offending marks. Rinse and dry immediately.
  7. Tarnished cutlery can be salvaged with a 10-minute soak in a mix of white vinegar and hot water. If you do not have vinegar, you can also make a bicarbonate soda and warm water solution.
  8. Only use appropriate products to polish stainless steel flatware.

Caring for you cutlery can help keep it looking pristine and shiny for many years of use. It is important to always follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for use and maintenance. Otherwise, even stainless can pit, corrode and discolor. Follow these tip and 5 easy steps for caring for your flatware.

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