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I have had thick and clumsy silverware all my life. When I say these I thought the end of clumsy and in with a new idea. I live alone now and only got one set. Will have to get another set. I am really impressed with their feel and balance.

Donald C.

This set is absolutely beautiful! It is great quality and looks exquisite! I was so excited when I received that set, I hosted a dinner and I got so many compliments! Not only does the set look good, but its also very comfortable to hold and very easy to clean. Very happy with my purchase!

Daniel S.

Love it. I was looking for something different but there are not too may options for “weird” flatware. This is super nice, elegant, modern and great quality. I have been getting so many compliments on this set.

Mónica R.

Purchased two sets for my new apartment and have had them a week. They are the perfect weight and did not arrive damaged. I hand wash them only with fragrance free seventh generation soap. Perfect value and looking forward to continued use at my new home

Keiana M.

Dishwasher safe on cold. I haven’t used them very regularly, but when I do I make sure to set the dishwasher to cold temps and the gold has stood up fine.

Amy T.

I Purchased 2 Sets of this Flatware. I am Totally In Love with their beautiful Design and their Gorgeous Gold Color. Definitely a Great Buy.

Tonya U.

I really like the black finish on these. They have a nice weight, not too heavy not too light. They feel sturdy and solid. They look great. This is a really good set of flatware. I could not be more pleased.

Marcus A.

Cool and easy to care flatware! this flatware is very easy to care and it always looks like new, I like its unique design and colour! the soup spoons are great ! we love having soup and these spoons are my favourite ones ever!


Absolutely LOVE this flatware, do yourself a favor, buy it

Erica D.

THESE ARE AMAZING!! I’ve been searching for flatware for a little over a year, and these are by far the best set I’ve ever found.

The materials are wonderful. The overall weight and feel in the hand is perfect 

I would HIGHLY recommend these.

Jolly G.

Gorgeous, really, it’s beautiful, a totally new design. The forks and knife are long and slender, the spoons a new shape and deeper. A piece of art.

Yreka R.

I havent owned my own silverware in a good 10 years. I purchased two sets of these and the photos did not disappoint. They look incredible. If you’re style is a bit eclectic, you want silverware that very few will have, and that almost everyone will compliment…. you’ll love these.

Derek J.

These are so beautiful, hated to use them. Could almost frame them. The design is so outstanding. I only ordered one set because I wanted to see
them in person. Will be ordering a new set now. By the way, the knife can really cut unlike other dinnerware I have.

Ross N.

I absolutely love these. I have bought 2 sets of 6 and will probably get one more to be safe. I have been searching high and low for black silverware with these distinctive shape and I am so glad I finally bought some.

Nat W.

If you’re looking for a unique matte black silverware piece this is amazing they are very durable and they’re everything I was looking for even compared to some of the other products just like this these are the ones I would buy again

Katelyn M.

Love these! Ordered another set for my mom!

Yolanda T.

Great price, great product and excellent service!
Purchased these, they look amazing.
Used them for a dinner party last weekend and got so many comments on them.
These are fancy enough and durable enough for every occasion use. They looked great after the first wash in the dishwasher.
Highly recommend this set!

Matthew H.

These set is beautiful. We loved the knife, a beautiful detail. Balanced weight, great for weekly dinner or a special occasion. Washing machine safe and really comfortable to use.
My wife is very happy with this purchase, elegant look, perfect for the upcoming holidays or as a gift.
Great product!

Sebastien B.

Love the design. I bought these for my daughter and she loves the indentation for the thumb

Sonja H.

I was so impressed with the quality of this flatware and I’m no easy sell.
It is heavy enough and feels comfortable in hand. I like the elegant design. 
Easy to clean, this flatware set had no issues after being cleaned in a dishwasher.
I have received nothing but great reviews from my guests. I’m really happy with my purchase. I plan on buying more.

Patricia P.

I like this set because it’s chic yet suitable for everyday use. It’s just as beautiful in person as on the pictures. I am in Real Estate business and buy these products as closing gifts for my clients. I get great reviews on these.

Leopol P.

This is an excellent set of flatware for anyone who likes a modern look. The utensils feel very high quality in your hand with a nice weight to them. The knives have some bite and can cut through harder cheeses. Dishwasher safe. Very happy with this set

Maxou L.

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