Setting to Impress with Zinello Flatware

Are you planning a dinner party but are unsure where to start? Zinello Flatware is here to help you set to impress with some top tips! Flatware is just one important part of every table setting, but planning a dinner party can be easy if you follow these simple steps.

What’s the occasion?

This part is easy, why are you throwing this dinner party? The first step to organization is answering this question. Are you having this dinner party as a fun night with friends, or to meet the parents? The answer will change the approach for your table décor. One example for hosting a close knit group of friends is that you may want to keep things a bit more casual. Alternatively, if you are meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time, it may be an opportunity to step up your game.

The Guest List

Next, and very important on the list – don’t forget to invite your guests! Certain occasions will be simpler to compile a guest list for, like dinner with the in-laws. Others will require more nuance. If you are hosting a gathering for friends, it is important to consider how many people you can comfortably host. You want to make sure you have enough seating at the table, and enough flatware and glasses.

After you know the number of guests – you will want to focus on who to invite. You will want to create a good ambiance at your party, and one way to achieve this is through your guest list. Things to consider are who knows who, personality types, and if you are doing a seating arrangement consider seating who may get along well next to each other. If you or any guests have social anxiety, it’s a fun idea to keep these coasters around for conversation starter ideas!

The Menu

Now it is the night of your event! As your guests arrive, be there to greet them and chat – not stressing out over a hot stove in the kitchen! To allow for a more relaxing evening, the key is to choose a menu that allows you to prepare dishes in advance. A starter salad that you only have to dress and serve is a great option. For a main, we love these options that allow for preparation and a slow cook – all you have to do is plate it! For dessert, try something light and aesthetically pleasing. That way, guests will be satisfied without being too full!

Any dinner party is incomplete without drinks! One tip would be to have a few bottles of wine in house, for displaying on the table and enjoying with friends. It is considerate to offer some variety of drinks; we love to have some chilled beer in the fridge. There are lots of great punch ideas here as well that can be made with or without alcohol!

Choosing your décor & flatware

Of course, the décor is one of the most important and exciting components of any dinner party. You’ll be sure to impress with these table setting ideas, or for more elegance try these, and don’t forget your flatware! Zinello Flatware offers different options to choose from based on the motif of your dinner party. Our Verona flatware set is sure to highlight your table for a more upscale feel. If you’re entertaining a more eclectic group, our Roma flatware set is a sure-fire conversation starter!

Flatware offers different options to choose from based on the motif of your dinner party. Rose gold flatware.

Have fun!

Lastly, don’t forget to relax and have fun! Being the host shouldn’t mean you have to hide away in the kitchen all night. With our helpful preparation tips and some organization beforehand, you should be wining and dining the night away. Remember that the mess will still be there tomorrow – it’s okay to leave it for the night. You’ve put in the hard work, now enjoy your company.

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